Petra Madisa

Product Evangelist, The Company Name

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Inner peace to overcome worries

Today would be more peaceful if we did not overshadow it with unnecessary fears.


When you have big worries, do you pay attention to what's going on around you? Or are you rather in your bubble, that is, totally focused on your worries? When we are deeply concerned, our attention is entirely focused on the subject of our concern. And if good things happen in our lives, we tend to ignore them.


Keep love despite everything

The best of human beings is the love they can transmit.


Sooner or later, some of our loved ones will disappoint us and make us suffer.


Despite these disappointments, we must never stop loving.


Because if we block out the source of love to flow, we will be the ones who will be harmed.

Reacting humanely to anger criticism

No one can think clearly with their fists closed.


Have you been insulted recently? If so, did you respond to the criticism with criticism?


When a person is angry, insults are a way to let the steam escape.

The small changes are the main keys to success

A lot of small victories are better than a big failure.


If you want to learn swimming, do you immediately dive into the deep part of the pool or do you start from the shallowest zone?

The ultimate ways to be financially independent

If you want to be able to lead a free life and accomplish your greatest projects, the financial aspect is necessarily an important part of your reasoning.

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